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How do I check prices and availability?

Click the "Price Quote" Button and type in all the event details as that will provide us the info we need

Is an additional security deposit required?

No security deposit is needed. We invoice a few days before the event if you wish to pay with credit card.  Also, you are welcome to pay with check or cash at setup.   

How much room do I need?

Approximately an 18' x 20' area should be plenty of room for a bounce house, a 20' x 35' for a combo and 20' x 40' for a large slide. The area should be level, free of rocks, dirt, sand, sticks etc. and any in-ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding. Outlet should be within 80 feet.

What if I want the inflatable setup where there is no electrical outlet or at least no outlet within 80 feet?

We can setup your inflatable unit virtually anywhere! We will need to bring a generator in order to power the blower. If needed, heavy duty generators can be rented.

Who sets up the inflatable?

A staff member from our company sets up the inflatable unit and takes it down when we come to pick it up. Set-up time is approximately 15-20 minutes (25-30 minutes for a slide or combo). We ask that if you are done with the inflatable unit, please do not shut down the blower motor. The inflatable unit must be inflated before it is taken down so that we can inspect for damage and possibly do a preliminary cleaning of the unit. Pick up time is usually 20-30 minutes (40-45 minutes for slides and combos).

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. We realize that things come up unexpectedly, so yes you can cancel your rental. However, we do ask that you try to give at least 2 days (48hrs.) notice of your cancellation. Also. no cancellation fee's apply if cancelled before delivery has occurred.  If the payment was made in advance via PayPal, we refund the amount minus the non-refundable PayPal fees which are usually $15-20 per invoice.


Hartland Inflatables provides inflatables for company picnics, church festivals, birthday parties, graduation parties and any celebration.  We service a 25mile area from Hartland WI including Sussex, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Erin, JHartford, Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Merton, Hubertus, Colgate and Richfield

Hartland Inflatables, LLC reserves the right to cancel order anytime before delivery has

occurred if unsafe conditions are expected on the day of the event (ie.rain, storms or high winds).  No penalty is incurred and any payments will be refunded minus any prepaid PayPal fees before delivery has occurred.

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